Face swipe: understanding intergenerational conflict

Maybe this explains why we have a divide between the generations: without realizing, we misinterpret each other. Trying to play along, we miss some essential component that was invisible to us, but obvious to the other person. The first two boys are 23 and 20 respectively, the man is 40. 20 years is more than enough time for references and social behaviors to come and go. Besides being the funniest thing I’ve seen today, it’s a good reminder to keep your eyes peeled for the things we can’t always see.

Also, here is a comic about Detective Hume. 🙂


Too good not to share.

I find the simple truth of this series of graphs … comforting. Every time I go back to look at it. So I figured I’d share it with y’all. 🙂

It’s from xkcd.com, a great place to find all sorts of applicable comic strips.

Here’s another good one: