First day of June: recommendations for your time.

Here’s some of the better stuff I’ve come across in the last few days!


Just found this on my desktop but not sure where it came from…. it’s probably from some argument in the All Minervans facebook page, which contains students from my class (m2020) and the class who’ll graduate before us (m2019). This is cross-class love at it’s finest… ❤

“Walking With a Ghost”, Tegan and Sara

Quality listen.

Tower of God

This anime was built to be online – no scanned pages. It’s a beautiful and easy read, along with being straight up one of the more engaging anime series I’ve read. Intriguing world, fun characters, and never dull. (hehehe Khun’s a total cutie too.)

Born Sexy Yesterday

I highly recommend this video on the ‘Born Sexy Yesterday’ trope in a lot of sci-fi stories. Unfortunately, all too familiar; good to be able to put a name to it at last.


Elon Musk: Automation Will Force Universal Basic Income

The real gem is the embedded CGP Grey video, “Humans Need Not Apply,” a haunting prediction of our future. Remind me to develop some skills that won’t be mastered by robots and deep AI––at least, not for the next 70 years or so.

After 54 Years, We Fell in Love. After Five Months, I Got Leukemia.

A love story. An enjoyable read. What more could you want from 5 minutes of your time?

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