4 May 2017

Why is it so difficult to not preserve?

When I bought my new computer last year when I began my second semester of university, I sold my old MacBook, a little slow but still functional, to my mom.

Today, I’ve been tasked with clearing it out, especially the 19,904 photos we suspect are in part responsible for the lag.

I spent a good hour, exploring my computer, looking for overlooked impressions I’d made on the machine in the 4.5 years I’d used it. Text files, word processors, desktop folders within desktop folders, I overturned them all. I didn’t want to loose a single .jpg.

Why so difficult to potentially lose some little moment, some text file, some photograph? Why do the losses weigh on me whereas I get no lift from every item that I upload to the cloud? Yes, it would be irreplaceable… but if I’m not likely to look through it all again anyways, why is it such a hit?

Thoughts appreciated.

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