2 May 2017

You know it’s been a long semester when your first full day back home, you sleep in till 2pm and go to bed about 11pm.

Finished Heir of Fire, of the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas, a few hours ago.

Young Adult novels have always been one of my greatest pleasures in life. Physical books are stacked around my room as I type this; my kindle, which lies beneath my improvised standing desk, is full of tales of knights in shining armor (all of them women), of witches on wyverns, of bravery and heroics and love triangles.

I’d call them dirty pleasures, but one of the great things about the new YA that’s coming out is that it’s empowering. Almost all of the novels feature brave women who love their fancy clothing or don’t and are strong either way. They’re filled with gay couples, men in kitchens, of adventures to bring down xenophobic and oppressive regimes. I love nothing more than a female character whose virginity is not valued above all else by the fictional society or the author, and is instead written to have slept with any she wants to by the time our story begins. Sexual liberation is quality content.

Hmm, the more I think about it… I’ve got some good books beside me right now… hmm, I think the world of Pern is calling to me. (Unless Carrie Fisher’s memoir gets me first.)

Maybe I won’t be getting to bed by 11 after all…

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