1 May 2017


Switching over to this blog from my other one for Minervans only. That one has 144 posts from the last 6 months, so if you want to read it, apply to be a Minervan here thanks. 🙂

Arrived in Tucson at 7:30am this morning, after getting on a train exactly 24 hours earlier. Took the Coast Starlight to LA from Oakland, then the Texas Eagle/Sunset Limited to Tucson.

I created a wicked snapstory of the journey, which unfortunately did not save properly. I’ve been really getting into snapchat recently. Do you have any thoughts on

Leaving San Francisco on the Bay Bridge…


^Crossing a bridge, overlooking the ocean, on/near Vandenberg Air Force Base.


^We were often right over the water, crossing bridges or just on the side of the cliff.


^A video I sent to my mom from the Lounge Car, used for sightseeing. We passed through cities, through towns, through the country… this train went through it all.

Today, I took my little brother and sister out for Eegees and Raging Sage and we talked about what surprises we wanted to plan for our dad’s birthday and mother’s day, which are this week.

One of the things I tell people about when I explain why I love Tucson is that nearly every time I go downtown, I see people I know. What do you know––when we were leaving the cafe, we ran into my friend James, who I’ve known since elementary school, who was on his way to pizza. It’s good to be home.

I also met with my professional advisor from Minerva about following up with a CEO of a startup who invited me for lunch to discuss potential summer opportunities last week. I feel like I’m stepping into an entirely new world, one I never envisioned for myself just a year ago, where I can tell my mom I’m following up on potential projects for assorted startups and VCs in San Francisco. It’s a good feeling, if a little scary. It’s the good scary. I’m growing.

Finally – this just came up on autoplay and I’ll leave it here. I am So. Excited. for Seoul…

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