Today I met Lisa, who lives on a boat in the San Francisco harbor. They’ve lived there for a year and a half now, sometimes sailing, sometimes coming onto the mainland.

I struck up a conversation when I saw them reading Ender’s Game in the same spot I’d been reading Armada (which mentions Ender’s Game several times) two nights previously. They immediately invited me to sit down, and explained how they were excited that they’d finally found a used copy of the book. Apparently, Orson Scott Card (the author) is a bit of a “burn the gays” type, so Lisa didn’t want to contribute at all to his royalties. A used copy resolves that concern without hindering their pursuit of literature.

I couldn’t stay long, because I was off to the Middle East 10:01 (a presentation about the region by my classmates from that area, followed by delicious food and dancing), and already late.

But I stayed as long as I could. The joy at meeting somebody in the City, at the simplicity of a chance encounter, even the novelty of chatting with somebody who is not from my school, made my heart lift.

(Speaking of hearts lifting – dancing a workout to Beyonce destroys slothfulness in limbs and mind, I found. Not a fan of exercise, but I may have to pursue it more despite that fact for the after effects.)

I’ll see Lisa again on Tuesday for a meet-up. Today is Sunday.

I can’t wait.

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