Snapchat in the morning, NY Times in the evening.


Many days I like to start my mornings with 10 minutes of Snapchat stories, because they bring gold like these:


^Self explanatory I think. 


^This was a totally unexpected find, from a close friend of a friend. I drew that robot over winter break, and didn’t realize that they kept it. Turns out, it’s on their fridge! It’s interesting to realize that I’m still touching (however slightly) the lives of those in Tucson. 


^Found on a lamp pole near my dorm in San Francisco. It’s always reassuring to see evidence of people with a sense of humor and free time.


^This was my friend’s reply to a request for leftover blue light blocking film. It struck me as a particularly silly response, and thus deserving of a spot on this scrapbook blog. (Apparently he was out of the dorm at the moment.)

On a another note, I’ve never felt so bad about paying tax. Has it really been less than two weeks since Trump took office?


Yesterday I was clicking through articles (celebrating the beginning of the weekend; during the week there’s little time for anything but school and more school), and came across this one:

I have to admit, I was shocked by the role of the First Lady. I just assumed that they provided emotional support to their presidential husbands, etc. etc., and then did whatever else they wanted. Turns out, they plan events and handle interior decoration! What an antiquated role. Is that something that potential president candidates plan for when selecting a wife, or is it an unfortunate duty that falls to the woman who marries for love? If somebody wants to take that on, then all the respect to them, but it seems to me that the only role anybody should have handed to them is the office of President… :/

This article was linked from the first:

More facts I didn’t know: Michelle was a lawyer before this, and worked at a hospital, and made quite a lot of money. The article also mentions how once she threw herself into public appearances and underwent training, her approval rating went up––the change seems to have been centered around her motherhood and marriage.


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