February 1st

This is one of my favorite dance studios – 1 MILLION of, I think, South Korea. I’ve included their videos on my blog before. Turns out one of my Minerva friends is dancing in their video they released today! So many of my friends here do spectacular things every day!

Here‘s an article for my future self, on what Trump has done this week. I wonder how we’ll look back on this time? As one of the most turbulent in U.S. history? From my basic perspective, only the great wars have had such an effect on us, and now it feels like the entire U.S. government is falling, crumbling from within.

Here’s a random one on vaccines.

The news sites are filled with new stories of what Trump has done, who he has appointed, the ban on 7 countries, connections between countries not banned and business dealings he has had with them…

The world I thought I’d grow up in no longer exists.

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