Welcome to PhoebeToday!


Welcome, readers, to my new blog. Some of you come from Thanks for Today, my daily Minerva blog about the little moments I want to remember. Others come from PhoebeAway, my first blog, started at age 15 when I decided to go to Panama for a year. PhoebeAway is still live, but the structure no longer reflects how I want to blog. I thought about a major up-haul, creating all new categories, tags, etc. etc., but making a whole new blog seemed to be the better option.

Thanks for Today offered an excellent solution––when I started it in September, I was able make it what I wanted to see. But then, I started writing posts that I wanted to share beyond the Minerva community… and posting them on PhoebeAway didn’t feel quite right.

So we’re here! This is for Minerva students, for friends and family (like my grandma Home), to post on Facebook to let my facebook crew know in the world I am…

I’ve been struggling to find a good name for this. I was thinking seriously about “++≠”–– plus plus does not equals, fashioned from complex systems theory that the whole does not equal the sum of its parts. However, when I ran it past the barista in the cafe in the Castro I was working at, he read it as “positive, positive” does not equals.

(That connotation is fascinating, actually – HIV is not a big part of my life, but of course here in the Castro, San Francisco’s gay neighborhood, a plus sign means something much more.)

It’s not the connotation I want for the title of my blog, so I’ll keep working on it.

Maybe The Cookie Jar?

No. I just want cookies.

Made in America?

Phoebe’s Wondrous Life?


Today actually sounds pretty good, you know? I’m trying to live life for the minute, the hour, the day. I’m not relying on having some payoff in the future that makes everything worth it––there’s no guarantee that I’ll be alive or well to collect it. So I try to be happy with what I have in the moment, and stay present. It’s been working really well, actually. I’m not pulling daredevil stunts or eating junk food or anything—my life has continued pretty much as normal since I made the resolution about a month ago, around the New Year. It’s my mindset that’s changed.

Example: I’m sitting in the one cafe that isn’t packed to the brim in the Castro as I write this. I realized after I bought something that the reason for the relaxed atmosphere is that there’s no wifi. I could have been upset––not so long ago, I might have felt cheated or slightly ashamed that I didn’t ask beforehand. I have work to do, and it needs internet. However, almost without realizing it, I found myself shrugging it off. I still had a tea, didn’t I? That was that. And soon enough, I realized this might be a good time to start the blog I was going to begin on Monday (today’s Saturday).

See, I think I’ve also become a lot more confident since I came to Minerva. I’m not afraid of what people might think if they see me here, not working on homework. If my peers were to walk by, I’m not worried they’ll laugh––I actually think they might think it cool that I’m sitting here without wifi and still having a good time.

Enjoy Today.

I’d chose something like With Whipped, if it didn’t sound like a “I’ll have all the unhealthy food please you can’t tell me nothing nutritionist mom” style rebellion.

Well, at this point, I want to try out the names to see if any of them are taken, but I need internet for that. I don’t want to head back to the dorm (jk I totally do but I’m trying to get out more) but I also don’t want to go to another cafe to spend more $$, but free wifi? jk about that too, I have a place.

Later in the kitchen with my friends Sam and Erica, I came up with PhoebeToday, and ran with it. I guess I wasn’t quite ready to let go of PhoebeAway or Thanks for Today. XD

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